The company provides specialised short-term funding covering project specific finance, supply chain finance, bridging finance, invoice discounting and working capital.

Short term funding is especially suited to funding SMEs with low and intermittent cash flow. This funding also plays a great role in bridging the finance gap in economies where there is a lack of angel investors and venture capital.

The adoption of both specialised finance and project finance principles makes it possible for Royal Fields Finance to provide finance to SMEs at levels higher than balance sheet funding would normally permit. Our competitive advantage is quick turnaround time and solution driven approach.

Working Capital

We provide this facility to small businesses temporarily in need of cash. The borrower must demonstrate cash flow (i.e. tenders, contracts, etc) out of which the facility will be repaid. As a consequence, this facility will only be available to businesses that demonstrate determinable future cash flows to repay the facility.

Bridging Finance

This is a short-term loan (usually 1 – 6 months) intended to bridge the finance gap between transactions. The loan is especially useful where the borrower is expecting funds in the short term but requires intermediate funding.

Contract / Project Finance

This facility is intended for borrowers with public / private sector contracts to provide goods and/or services. The facility provides working capital that can be utilised to cover the cost associated with fulfilling the contract. A borrower MUST be in possession of a contract in order to access this funding.

Trade Finance

Royal Fields Finance can provide short-term funding for the importation of goods into South Africa. If required, we can also assist in mitigating the risk of importing these goods.

Asset Finance

Our Asset Finance products are intended to cover the following business needs:

  • IT and office automation – e.g. computers, printers, servers
  • Plant and machinery
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Office Furniture

Asset Finance is offered in several forms, with the primary objective of providing an affordable solution and preserving the cash flow of SMEs.