Value Proposition

The company provides specialised short-term funding to SMEs at quick turnaround times. It takes us 10 – 14 days to provide funding to SMEs.

Given the reliance on project finance principles, the company is able to provide high value loans to SMEs well in excess of what the SME’s balance sheet funding would permit. This is critical for SMEs that wish to undertake high value transactions or exploit sudden high growth opportunities. Short term funding is also ideal for SMEs that need urgent financial assistance to relieve temporary cash flow problems.

The company also ensures that the application process is both streamlined and easy to comply with. Where warranted, assistance is provided to applicants when compiling their applications. The company provides business support services (albeit on a limited basis) to ensure the success and sustainability of its SME clients.

Through passion and innovation, the company is able to extend funding to start-up ventures as well. Unlike traditional funding institutions, Royal Fields Finance provides in many instances 100% funding to SMEs, without requiring risk capital contributions. The company has structured its information requirements in such a manner so as to enable compliance by SMEs e.g., where an SME is unable to provide management accounts or annual financial statements, we rely on bank statements to assess financial performance.